Many HVAC contractors will know the tell-tale signs whether it is time to repair or replace your air conditioning unit. Your unit is your most faithful ally against stifling humidity and sweltering heat. However, like any other piece of equipment, your AC system will eventually show signs of aging and stress. That is likely to happen if you have a unit that is over a decade or so. So many changes occurred in the air conditioning system that if you see that your group is always breaking down – or not functioning as it should be – it may worth just replacing it than having it repaired and spend more money in the long run.

When should you Repair your AC Unit?

It’s so convenient to jump to conclusions when we encounter some issues with our AC system. Luckily, the majority of the air conditioning problems we face are just minor and quite simple enough to be fixed or repaired-an example of which will be a problem with the AC unit’s airflow. That is mainly due to the damaged ductwork or clogged air filter which you can fix yourself or by an expert HVAC contractor at minimal cost. Now, what if it is more than just a clogged air filter? What is it is more dangerous? Then that’s where expensive repairs come in. Studies showed that a homeowner might spend between $3700 to $7100 to replace and install a new air conditioning unit. At most times, replacing a worn-out capacitor or a failed fan motor may be cheaper compared to replacing the entire unit itself. It is best to have a limit on how much you spend on repairs to ensure that you don’t waste so much money. This limit is most important especially if you have a pretty new system or one that is below ten years old. You can check on the quoted cost multiplied by the age of your order and compare how much for a new unit plus installation services. If the repair cost is still lower and worthwhile, then you may have your system repaired.

When is Replacement Needed?

There are times when a repair will not fix the cause of the problem –and eventually, a replacement is necessary. When your unit is over a decade old, there will come a day when it just decides to die out. A substitute may be a practical and sensible solution, given the difficulty of finding compatible parts and materials for old units and the amount of time required for an effective repair. There are specific factors that you may need to consider and will make replacing your unit more appealing than spending money and time on repairs.

  • Cost – check the expenses you will incur when buying new units versus having the unit repaired by an expert HVAC contractor
  • Performance – if you notice that your group is consistently fluctuating when it comes to performance, then it’s time to consider getting a new one.
  • Repair Frequency – if your AC unit is regularly repaired, then consider a replacement. Repeated appointments and calls can immediately add up to the time and cost of repair.
  • Efficiency – cooling and heating systems are responsible for a majority of the energy consumption in every household or business. Upgrading your unit will let you save on energy costs in the long run.

Austin AC Repair for your AC Needs

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