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Austin AC Repair services all areas of Hyde Park, University of Texas, and homes in the 78705 and 78751 zip codes. We pride ourselves with providing quality service at a fantastic price.

We promise so be punctual and will respect your time. We know that when you have an air conditioning troubles you are likely hot and having to live without air conditioning. This is why we make it a priority to help those who face immediate problems. We are here for you and will be available quickly for help you.

There are many working parts in an air conditioning system. The two main parts listed below can become overworked and need yearly attention.Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning

Condenser Coil and Compressor – these system components are outside your home

Evaporator Coil – This system component is inside your home

Our service technicians know how to service these components and keep them running without any down time. We follow all manufacturer best practices, and use quality parts if you need to have something replaced.

If you are experiencing your air conditioner not working up to its performance in previous years, call us first. We always look forward to maintain and service existing equipment. We will never recommend repairs or replacement services that you do not absolutely need.

There is just a minimal cost to have your yearly service checkup performed. This will keep your system tuned up and operating efficiently, so that you can rest easy.

Did you know that you need to have your air conditioning unit serviced yearly? The main reason is to clean the condensing coils. The outside unit and the compressor pull air across these coils when turning evaporated refrigerant to condensed refrigerant. If the coils have not been properly cleaned and are dirty, the unit will have to work overtime to pull the required air that it needs.

Austin AC Repair can make sure that your outside and inside unit’s are in top working order, so they can last for years to come.

We want to personally thank you for considering us to help you with your air conditioner. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and know that you will be happy with the value that Austin AC Repair offers to homeowners like you. Please call today.

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