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A broken air conditioner can cause anyone to become a hot-head. If you have problems with your AC controls, equipment or the efficiency of your cooling system, you need dependable contractors you can trust.

We are equipped with specialized equipment and skilled workers. We repair and overhaul different types of AC units and parts. We offer complete and thorough AC service to get your system back up and running in no time.

We offer competitive prices for our Air Conditioner Service. We also recommend regular maintenance that can help avoid unnecessary repairs and damage to your cooling system. Check out our services today.

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Regular maintenance is crucial to the lifespan of your unit. It is also vital for the cleanliness of the air your family breathes indoors. Regular cleaning is recommended every three months to keep the HVAC system in good running condition and to check possible issues.

Our technicians will check your unit for gas pressure and operating conditions. We also make sure the heating and cooling systems do not run at the same time. We will also check for water leakage and the correct amount of refrigerant. Our EPA-certified technician will capture the refrigerant instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, which is illegal. We will check any seal duct leakage in the central system and measure airflow in the evaporator coil. The service includes cleaning the cover, drain pan, air filter, evaporating coil, drainage pipe, and other parts.

Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning




We offer comprehensive air conditioner services for all leading brands. We service split-type, packaged, window-type, multi-split, and VRF cooling systems. Contact us for general upkeep, chemical cleaning, and chemical overhaul. Our technicians will proceed to check all settings, controls, and electrical components.


Chemical Overhaul

If chemical wash cannot remove all the build-up of the unit and there is no regular maintenance, we recommend this service. The process begins by dismantling the unit for chemical cleaning. After cleaning and checking all parts, we will lubricate the moving parts, top-up the refrigerant and re-install the unit.

Chemical Wash

Heavy duty air conditioner service with chemical flushing on the unit. The chemicals used collect dirt, grime, and residue without dismantling the AC from the mount on the wall. Chemical Cleaning includes indoor cooling coils, drain pans, outdoor condenser coils, and re-installation of indoor cooler units. We will also clear water condensation drainage systems and top-up refrigerants.


Do you know about the top complaints about air conditioning units? Here are the most common AC problems we troubleshoot every day:

  • The Unit Does Not Turn On
  • AC Electrical Problems
  • It Does Not Cool Enough Even at the Highest Setting
  • Electricity Bills Spike Up
  • The Air Coming Out is Hot or Humid
  • The AC is ON, but no air is coming out
  • It is Making Weird Noises
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There are several things we consider when performing Air Conditioning Services. There may be a problem with the circuit breaker, your unit’s calibrations, thermostat, a leak, a tear, a low refrigerant, condenser issues, a frozen evaporator coil, dirty ducts, worn-out belts or damaged bearings. AC Maintenance can help avoid more costly Air Conditioning Repair Service. Proper use is also crucial to the efficiency and life of your unit. Make sure to get regular cleaning and AC maintenance services, and have the operating conditions of your HVAC system checked by a professional. 

What a lot of people fail to understand is how the AC troubleshooting is not an easy job. One of the biggest indicator that your air conditioner requires troubleshooting is excessive electricity bills you may experience with time. The appliance starts consuming more energy because it requires more energy to run with a dirty or disrupted system inside. You cannot possibly take care of the entire process on your own. Let our professional technicians ensure your appliance is working as it used to and feels as good as new. We’re available at a single call and promise efficient HVAC services no matter what the problem is.

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When properly cared for, your heating and air conditioning unit should last you 15 to 20 years. For quality HVAC and Air Conditioning Service, contact Austin AC Repair from Mondays through Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm.



Is your air conditioner giving you trouble? Contact us today. We offer HVAC repair and installation services in Austin. Our office is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

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