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We offer off-site and on-site repairs. We have state-of-the-art equipment to fix different air conditioner problems. We also have a large stock of air conditioner parts of all major brands.

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Air Conditioning Repair


When the need for HVAC services arises, you need quality contractors you can call. Make sure that your technician has the necessary certification, licensure, skills, degree, and experience. The contractor fit for the job should also be skilled in handling power tools, hacksaws, voltage meters, and other specialized equipment. It is equally necessary to have excellent communication with your contractor. You will rely on your contractor’s physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and troubleshooting skills for the job. More than that, you need a contractor you trust to work on your property.


Some homeowners try to DIY their air conditioner to avoid the steep costs of Air Conditioning Contractor services. The truth is, honest contractors can help you in many ways. Here are several means we can assist you:


hvac Education

Your AC habits and patterns may be damaging your cooling system. You can ask air conditioning FAQs from your licensed contractor and proper upkeep to keep your cooling system long-lasting.


Cost-Effective Solutions

We want you to be comfortable in your home. We make sure your heating and cooling systems are running with optimum efficiency. The right cooling system will give your family comfort without sacrificing high electricity bills.


Prevent Permanent and Costly Damage

We recommend regular HVAC Maintenance at least twice a year. The cost of maintenance can save you from unnecessary repairs and heating air conditioning damage that can push you to buy a new cooling system. We need you to make the most of your cooling system with proper use and care.


Offer Recommendations

Save trouble trying to figure out which air conditioner type, size, and brand fit your needs and budget. Our adept technicians can help you decide the right air conditioner for your family. We can also help you stay up-to-date with the most energy-saving cooling systems in the market.


HVAC Installation

Once you determine, with the help of your HVAC Contractor, which system is right for you, professional installation is necessary. Avoid accidental damage to your property by hiring a skilled contractor.



Maintaining your HVAC system in Austin is crucial as the weather demands constant service and maintenance. While you will not be able to maintain your air conditioner at home, we’re offering our exceptional services so you don’t have to worry. The maintenance will include cleaning the air duct as well as the outer unit of the appliance. Other than that, it will also include ensuring the compressor is working to its optimal requirements. We will also take care of the filter cleaning for you so you enjoy the cool breeze in summers, right here inside your own house.


We take pride in Air Conditioning contractors who are EPA-certified and licensed by the state. We also require our team to have years of experience handling state-of-the-art equipment. We also run a background check on our technicians to make sure they have the necessary education, training, certification, license, and experience. At Austin AC Repair Services, we value excellent communication between the contractor and the client. Our Air Conditioning Contractor will also make sure that you have peace of mind while working on your cooling systems.

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